Should Neurofeedback Therapy Be Considered For ADHD?

According to various reports, neuro-feedback or EEG works for people who have ADHD which is why there are many clinics that offer this particular treatment to patients suffering from the disorder. Since ADHD is a very common disorder that affects children, teenagers and sometimes adults, it has been researched on a lot and there are different ways to treat it but for some people, therapy and medications do not work a 100% and this is where neuro-feedback therapy comes into play as it helps the person learn how to regulate emotions and hence regulate his/her own behavior.

Since ADHD is commonly found in kids, you can ask about this particular therapy technique from a developmental paediatrician Sydney and try out this treatment to see whether it works for your kid or not and the good thing is that one session of this treatment is not that expensive. We know that by this time you are probably wondering whether it is good enough or not so we have listed down the benefits of EEG for ADHD down below.

Increase in Focus

During the session, the therapist trains the individual to look at the screen and see how the individual’s body reacts to different sorts of emotions and once the client does so, the next step is to concentrate on controlling different muscles to reduce stress and anxiety which ultimately increases control and focus.

Decrease in Anxiety

When the client is able to recognize what causes his/her anxiety and how it looks on the screen, it is easier to control the muscles and direct thoughts in such a way that the anxiety and stress decreases which ultimately brings a change in memory and provides the person with a clear mind and better mood.