Types of Bongs

When most people think of a bong, they automatically think of a glass based bong that has a round base, and has a straight tube neck. Maybe they imagine a few different colors but this is the major idea of what most people imagine their bongs to look like. However, there are a lot of different types of bongs that people do not know about and you can get them based on your needs or likes. In this article we will be discussing a few different bong materials to give you an idea of the various styles of bongs you can get. We will not be discussing glass bongs, but some of the other lesser known materials and what their benefits are. You can get online bongs if you are not sure where to buy them.

First of all we have the bamboo bongs. This one often surprises people as they did not know that bamboo bongs were a thing. It is actually quite a popular material for bongs in the stoner community. These types of bongs can be pretty basic with a simple bamboo based straight tube bong that is sealed at the bottom, to fancy designs that incorporate paint and metal pieces to them, and even multi part bamboo bongs. This material is very popular because of how durable it is, and how easily it can be cleaned up. These bongs will last you a lifetime if you do not do anything particularly stupid to break it.

Plastic bongs are also a very popular type of bong, and are actually second in sales only to the glass based bongs. The plastic bongs are also super durable and can even be dropped by accident and suffer no damage or cracks. In addition to that they are very cheap and come in many different designs.