How Should You Choose a Rug?

We are going to teach you how to shop for a rug in a way that causes no headaches and gets you the perfect rug for any room.


The first thing that you need to think about is the placement of the rug and for that you would need to think about the layout of the room as it would give you an idea about the ideal spot to place the rug. It would be better if you think about this point before you go out to shop and we would recommend that you decide the placement beforehand as it will focus your shopping and go to


Have you given a thought to the material? We know that your first instinct might be to get the most plushy rug but the material of the rug should be dependent upon the frequency with which it would be stepped on as high traffic areas should have a material that is strong and highly durable but areas that will not have that much traffic can have a rug that is plushy and delicate.

Color & Pattern

The color of the rug should not be in conflict with the theme of the room and the furniture so you need to keep these two points in mind while you are shopping. Choose a pattern that is appealing to the eyes and would not go out of style even after a long time.

Fix It

You would not want a rug that is sliding here and there so buy a rug pad that will keep the rug in its place and there are different kinds of rug pads that you can look into like eco-stay pad and premium pad and both of them are of good quality so decide according to your need.