Which Wi-Fi Routers Top The List of Best Routers?

The use of mediocre quality Wi-Fi routers can not only be frustrating but can cause a lot of delays in work related to the internet. Companies are always producing newer versions of routers in order to provide the best model to the public and there are some great ones in the market but when the choices are so many, they can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Did you know that your internet speed can be affected by your router?

This means that it is quite possible that low quality routers with mediocre functions would not be able to provide good internet speed which is why we always advise our readers to only go for routers that are famous for their features and functions. If you are planning on changing your router then it is necessary that you read reviews about the best router and you would come across many labeled as the best one so what you can do is to note down all the features and choose one that offers the functions that you require. We will be discussing a few routers that are famous among the public and if you like the features of any one of them, you can go for that.


Many people term this particular Wi-Fi router as the prime router and we would say that they are not far off because this router has some wicked features to offer that are generally hard to find in one place. It has eight LAN ports of super fast gigabit and multiple output but it is expensive.


People love this Wi-Fi router because it is super easy to install and it has a friendly interface with a parental control that is efficient but it has no USB ports.

Build a Computer

For many people something like building up a computer that works best for your specific needs sounds like something that would be both very expensive and very difficult. However, you would not believe just how great a time it currently is to build a computer. Not only is there a huge variety of competing and high class parts available, but guides on how to assemble computers are also easily found.

Building a computer has actually become something that is both easy to do and very affordable too. Even if you have never built a computer before, it is something you will be able to do with ease as all you have to do is follow some guidelines and you will have had a komplett bygga dator. So if you are interested in making a computer, particularly a gaming computer, then this is the right article for you. We will be discussing a few tips and ideas for making a gaming computer.

First thing being first, make sure that you stay away from static when you do finally get to work on the computer. DO not build on top of the carpet as the static electricity from it can actually end up damaging the parts of the computer. Ideally work on a table so the computer is away from any cloth or carpet. Another piece of advice is to use a CPU cooler and ideally using a good one. CPUs that are used for gaming tend to heat up really quickly and often need additional coolers added to run properly. However, if you feel that you are not ready to do that just yet then you can still use a smaller cooling device such as the intel cool which can be used with an intel processor and keep it cool in regular use.