Different Kinds of Features to Look For in an Office Chair

Getting a promotion was probably one of the best days of your life. You probably went out to celebrate with your friends, colleagues, or people who are now your subordinates, or maybe with your family.

However, the people who used to be your friends slash your colleagues are now your subordinates, and the things you do for them will count a lot on office performance. Bringing in office chairs, for example, could be one of them, especially if you have been promoted to a new branch.

Well, if you are really worried about that, just read through this article. At least it would give you some idea on what to look for in office chairs.


This is one of the more important features that a lot of people tend to ignore. Make sure that the office chair you are getting is catered for the average height of the people in the office. A chair too short can tire the legs and a chair too high can make it difficult to get up and get down.


A lot of the thicker designs that look more “full” come without any headrest. The space for head is there but it is not exactly made to support the whole neck and head. If you want, you can get a design that looks a little emptier but caters for the neck and head rest.

Lumbar Support

You probably want to get chairs with good back support. Ergonomic chairs are very important when the work hours are long and the stress is tiresome. Get chairs with good waist and back support. You can actually find a quality office chair under 300 USD that includes lumbar support, and even the other above mentioned points.