How Can Canada Do Better to Safeguard Human Rights

In the aftermath of one of the most gruesome and devastating conflicts in history, the Second World War, an agreement was signed that was intended to keep people safe and guarantee them the basic rights that every human should enjoy. However, in spite of the fact that this agreement was signed, there are dozens of conflicts currently being fought around the world, and the people that are suffering from these conflicts are pretty much always innocents. Many of the victims of these conflicts are just women and children that would have had no chance to survive in the first place.

The first thing that a western country like Canada should do is recognize its privilege. This is going to help it understand that the world is no different from it when it comes down to it, and it would allow both politicians as well as the general public to look at these issues with a little more compassion. After all, Canada has its own share of problems as well. For example, the indigenous population goes through a great deal of suffering which is why so many people have difficulty moving up the ranks in Canadian society if they are not white. Canada also has a great deal of racism as well which is a very important issue that holds precedence in political discourse around the world.

Canada as a nation is very wealthy, which means that it has the capacity to take on a lot more responsibility on a global scale. What this means is that Canada should think about taking in more refugees that are being borne out of the conflicts occurring in various parts of the world. This is not just Canada’s responsibility as a powerful nation, it is going to be good for the country as well. This is because of the fact that Canada does not have a very high population right now, which means that the nation is not quite as productive as it could be in the future. Bringing immigrants in is a great way to ensure that the country has a future, and if you think about it this has already proven true in a lot of scenarios. A lot of the immigrants that the country has taken in have contributed positively to Canadian society, and first generation immigrants are known for being extremely upwardly mobile which is a trait that all of Canada can benefit from.

Hence, taking in more refugees is, without a doubt, a mutually beneficial arrangement and Canadian government should certainly start to look into a variety of different ways in order to get some of the refugees in. This could secure a future for Canada where new sectors of industry emerge and new bonds are developed. A Canada with a higher population could accomplish a great many things, and it is a worthwhile cause to try and make this dream a reality.