2011- A human rights lawyer successfully launched an international campaign on elimination of stoning punishment in Iran in 2010.  He defended the rights of criminal juveniles under 18 who were sentenced to death. He supported the rights of many groups of people including children, women, social activists, politicians, and workers, but he had to leave Iran under the government’s pressure. He currently lives in exile.  He believes the main reason of having unfair legal system, lack of freedom of expression, lack of democracy and security in a country is the lack of tolerance within the system and people. Therefore, he decided to establish an organization named Tolerance. UTO was founded by Mohammad Mostafaei in 2011.

We are committed to protect human rights of people. We believe that in order to overcome states’ unequal power relations we need to increase the number of international human rights organizations across the world with great solidarity on protection of human rights.

Every human being should enjoy their basic human rights and express themselves freely. Victims of human rights violation should be given voices and their voices should be heard. No person should be subjected to torture. Every person in any part of the world has the right to democracy, and states should not use their power to oppress their people’s rights of freedom of thought and expression.  States must have tolerance to hear opposite views, eliminate discriminatory laws and prioritize toleration.

We perfectly know that our goals will not be achieved unless through international, national and local help and support.

2012 – By the end of year 2012, UTO’s main office was officially set up in city of Drammen in Norway. The official website of UTO was constructed, too. Lawyers House’s project has been conducted with the help of a NGO to protect Iranian lawyers and support Iranian Bar Association. We hope to make tremendous progress in protection of human rights and peace building across the world with your genuine help and support.