Protecting Your Health

One of the major dangers to most adults in modern society nowadays happens to be sitting too long at a desk job. While this may seem like a surprise to you, it can actually be a very dangerous thing. Sitting too long at your desk, particularly if you are not using an ergonomic chair or if you are sitting with bad posture, is extremely bad for you, and can cause you a lot of back pain and can even be the cause for heart related issues for you.

The solution is not to simply sit at your desk and move about a little it so that you stay in shape, this problem has less to do with the fact that your exercise and calorie burning time is reduced, and more to do with the fact that sitting that long for continuous days is actually affecting your body in ways that you are not even aware of. First of all, there is a higher risk of you developing some sort of cardiovascular disease. It was found by a study that guards of various companies that stand and walk around are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than guards who end up sitting all day.

This study kept lifestyle and diet choices a constant and found that with this being the only main difference in activity, those who stood or walked were less likely to develop heart related conditions. Another huge problem is that your hip flexor muscles are strained and kept in a tightened position that is horrible because of the damage it can end up doing to your entire body as your body is then handicapped when you need to walk, run, jump, or even bend down. You can read the unlock your hip flexors pdf to learn more about this.