Training Programs Help Police Reduce Racial Profiling

BRATTLEBORO – The Rutland Police Department is a good example of a law enforcement agency that is making all of the right moves on how to stop racial profiling, said Curtiss Reed, Jr., the executive director of the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity, which offers bias-free policing training at law enforcement agencies around the state.

“The police department has taken on a leadership role,” said Reed. It’s done so by cultivating relationships with other agencies and is redefining its law enforcement narrative by returning to community policing.

“They’ve reconfigured the map of the city in terms of quadrants and assigned one sergeant to each quadrant,” he said.

Recently, Reed was in Rutland, conducting training with Rutland police officers and some members of the Vermont State Police. Part of the training is to help officers understand their own social identity and how that drives their own perceptions on the job.

“How do you compensate for that in your police work?”