Why So Many People Prefer Civil Unions to Marriages

Marriage is widely accepted to be something that everyone should do in their lives, but as of late the rhetoric has begun to change and people are starting to think of marriage in a negative way. However, as marriage begins to fall out of favor, civil unions are becoming all the rage. First off, what exactly is a civil union? Well, it is pretty much the same thing as a marriage in that it signifies an official recording of two people that are in a partnership with one another and want to spend their lives with each other but with one big difference: it is completely free of any of the religious influence that marriage usually entails.

Marriage is an institution that comes from the patriarchy. It is full of patriarchal notions and has resulted in the creation of the nuclear family which involves women taking care of the home and men going out and earning. Switching to a civil union would end up eschewing all of the patriarchal and religious history of marriage for something that is a lot more equal and neutral. Civil union is also a great deal more preferable to people that are not part of the majority religion in any particular country since it would allow them to get together on their own terms rather than having to have the sort of ceremony that the state would approve of. It provides people with an alternative that is neutral and therefore preferable to some of the more traditional routes that you could go through.

For a lot of people, marriage as a symbol holds too much negativity to make them feel comfortable partaking in it. Civil unions are new, and for the most part provide a lot of the same benefits that marriage does. It makes it more official when you list your civil partner as your emergency contact after all, and you get some of the same tax breaks that you would if you took part in marriage instead. However, there are not quite as many legal loopholes that you would have to go through which, when you couple the fact that a civil union is often a great deal easier to get out of than a marriage it becomes quite understandable why so many people would prefer it to the more draconian aspects of the more traditional manner of getting together with somebody.

In essence, a civil union helps you make your partnership more longer lasting and turns it into an official economic and social union as well as a romantic one without bringing religion into it. This alone is enough to make people want to do it, but there are so many other benefits that you could look into as well. If you want to be able to get a civil union, make sure you do enough research in order to ensure that you have all of the necessary information whilst going into it.