ABC leads key slots on Monday – TV Tonight

Commercial networks last night were upstaged by ABC programmes from 7:30pm onwards.
7:30 led its slot at (514,000), then Australian Story (504,000), Dessert Masters (477,000), an extended Home & Away from 7pm (443,000 / 352,000), and My Mum Your Dad (316,000).
Later Media Watch was 347,000 then Evacuation (300,000).
Seven network won Monday with 26.7% then Nne 25.5%, ABC 20.2%, 10 17.8% and SBS 9.8%.
Seven News was #1 at 911,000 / 901,000. The Chase topped entertainment at 498,000 / 314,000. Big Brother was 156,000 while SWAT pulled 87,000.
Nine News (740,000 / 720,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led its slot at 618,000. Hot Seat was 333,000 / 232,000 Million Dollar Murders was 185,000. Reported Missing was 93,000.
ABC News drew 552,000. Q+A (209,000) won its slot then The Drum (129,000).
The Project scored 262,000 / 168,000. 10 News First was 183,000 / 134,000. The Secrets She Keeps was 165,000 then FBI: Most Wanted (74,000).
On SBS it was The Secret of Coca Cola (163,000), JFK: The Making of a President (144,000), SBS World News (137,000 / 123,000) and Secrets of the Tower of London (84,000).
NCIS topped multichannels at 105,000.
Sunrise: 206,000
Today: 191,000
News Breakfast: 90,000 / 60,000
In Total TV numbers last Monday were:
Love Island: 328,000
Big Brother:
My Mum Your Dad: 585,000
SWAT: 306,000
Have You Been Paying Attention?: 996,000
Home & Away: 952,000
Media Watch: 659,000
OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 November 2023
Q & A won its slot. Really like Patricia as host. I think they have finally found the right person to host this show now.
and reduced the intelligence of the “contestants”
10 is doing the same with NCIS Sydney, then they will complain that nobody’s watching it – but die hard fans will have already seen it on Paramount+
“The Secrets She Keeps was 165,000” – It is sad that a first run (on FTA) Aussie drama in prime time has so few viewers. We keep being told that Australians want to watch stories (movies/drama series) about themselves.
Channel 10 would attract more eyeballs if it showed The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres which is rating (relatively) highly on SBS.
I guess if you screen it on your Subscription platform first you can’t expect big FTA numbers a year later. It’s their call what works best for the bottom line.
But the number of Paramount + subscribers is a much smaller subset of viewers than the total available catchment of free to air viewers.
It would certainly whittle the number down – but to 165,000?
“Australians want to watch stories (movies/drama series) about themselves” is network/actor spin – which does not always hold up in real life.
The sad thing is, in this country we a
Brainwashed to watch news, MAFS or The block.
Big Brother bumped to multichannel any time now…
Didn’t think Blow Up could have had a bigger flop but BB might make take the cake!
Not too bad Total TV numbers for Big Brother.
I’m sure they are still disappointing numbers for 7, but I think 7 knew this season would not be a ratings hit. That’s why they kept it until the very end of the year, reduced the prize money (from $250,000 to $100,000) and reduced the number of days (25 from 50).
Launch episode did ok in Total TV, but keen to see episode 2 numbers tomorrow.
Yes, also keen to see the numbers for episode 2. Would also like to correct my post – last season was 62 days, not 50.
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