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Many of us listen to music for long periods during the day and love to sing them at the same time. However, singing in front of others is often a taboo for many. People refuse to sing and say that they have not received enough training on this or are unable to use their voices. In fact, it is not necessary to enroll in a very famous university or to invest in expensive courses over the years in order to receive a sound education. I was also very excited about this issue, and I searched what I could do to get voice training from home. The tutors I have found were really good, but they wanted very high fees. I wanted to get a very high-quality sound training at a more affordable price and to be able to sing like a pro after this training. As a result of my research on this subject, I met Singorama.


As a result of my work with Singorama, I can say that my experience and self-confidence in singing really increased in about six months. Also, the new pieces of information I learned about sounds and notes helped me a lot. While singing a song, I follow the notes much more consciously than before, and I can keep my own voice under control.


What is Singorama?

Singorama is a very comprehensive training program for those who want to sing at a professional level. This training program is offered for sale both with digital download option, actual product options, and monthly membership options. With Singorama, you can take advantage of the content prepared by professional music teachers and learn how to use your voice and how to adapt to a song. A single source is enough for you to have different skills such as singing, writing lyrics, creating songs suitable for composing with guitar or composing songs. It is also possible with Singorama to improve yourself on the Vocal range or practice for customized purposes.


While Singorama will help you experience singing in different ways, it will also help you overcome the feeling of shame or fear in this matter. Thanks to Singorama, you can overcome your stage fear and choose to sing as an experimental treatment method.


What Does Singorama Include?

Here are the main features / packages Singorama provides you with:

  1. Singorama actually consists of 28 different lessons. Each of these courses is designed to maximize personal sound quality and singing skills. While working on Singorama, you will first encounter a Getting Started section. This section provides an overview of what to look out for to recognize, analyze and use your voice properly.
  2. The second part is called Voice Techniques. Basic techniques for controlling your voice and widening the level your voice may increase or decrease are presented in this lesson. In this context, you have the chance to receive such pieces of training with different names such as Staying in Tune, Bridged Vocalization, Octave Power Generator.
  3. The third part is called The Essentials of Music Theory. This section discusses what music is and what the basic concepts of music mean. In this way, as a potential musician, you truly understand and recognize music. Rhythm, sound, solfege and much more.
  4. The fourth part describes the different styles used in the singing process. These styles provide information about how people can sing different songs, by using which sound levels, and by watching a pause rhythm. The person can create his own style based on this information.
  5. In the 5th part of the lesson, before you add the song you want to sing to your repertoire, it is explained how to analyze it. The meanings of the different notes used in the song, the rhythm of the song’s refrain, the repeated strings of the song, and much more are extremely important for the analysis of a song. Thanks to this program, you will be on the way to become a professional musician, not just a singer.


There are 28 lessons in total like this in the Singorama package. These lessons aim to develop you in a holistic way in terms of singing and understanding music.

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What Are The Main Features of The Lessons Taken By Singorama?

The lessons you take from Singorama last at least 6 months. Because improving your voice gradually requires practice, effort and time. As a consumer, I can recommend you not to prefer packages that try to put you in the trap of money with unrealistic promises of time. Remember, our voice improves with the development of our vocal cords in our bodies. Just like sports and bodybuilding, sound development requires time and regular work first of all. This package comes with a published book for you to follow the lessons. In this way, you will continue to have the chance to benefit from these training contents when you cannot use a digital tool.


With the training you will receive from Singorama, it is possible to move from beginner level to advanced level in a short time. This training package, which takes at least six months to study, is actually shaped by your learning and self-development process. If you are learning slow, that is not a problem! Your period of use of this program can be up to 9 or 10 months. But as long as you follow the instructions correctly, I believe that you can reach the desired result eventually. Because the situation in me was like that.


What Are The Main Advantages Offered by Singorama?

Here the main advantages talked especially by current users of Singorama. Some of them are constructed by my own experiences:

  1. When you buy the Singorama package, various physical materials are also sent to you. With a variety of materials that you can use to sing and record your voice, you won’t have to spend money on an extra product.
  2. I decided to buy this package when I found out that there was a refund guarantee. I can experience various confidence problems with the training packages I purchase online. But unconditional 60 days return time gave me confidence. Fortunately, I did not have to exercise this right. I am extremely pleased with the improvement the package has offered me.
  3. If you are not sure whether this package will be useful to you, you can use the trial process like me. Thanks to the 5-day free course experience, there is an opportunity to experience the system personally. This opportunity also allows you to have information about what you will encounter.


How Much Should I Pay To Have Singorama?

Singorama is a vocal course that will help you improve yourself and reach a professional level in at least six months. So it would be normal for this course to be priced higher than other simple digital products.


Obviously, when I compare it to different sound training courses, I realized that the total price I would pay for this course was even lower than the monthly fee for other courses. This situation also made me very comfortable. To have Singorama, you only need to pay $ 99.95 if you want digital products, or $ 299.95 if you want actual products. Also, if you want to become an Inner Circle Platinum Members, you can continue training for $ 27 per month. In short, 3 different prices, 3 different systems are offered to users by Singorama.

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