Strike Pen Review

See does Strike Pen really works! Here is a detailed Strike Pen review for you! See what does Strike Pen have and does it worth to buy in detail!

Strike Pen Review

It is almost impossible to know when we will encounter danger in everyday life. While walking on the street in the modern world, we may encounter negative situations like snatches. We can come across a dangerous fight in a dark street. We may need a defensive tool to protect us against any animal attack. Moreover, if you are interested in nature activities such as camping, you may often need practical materials that provide multi-purpose use. However, such materials are not sold in popular stores. It is also very important that such materials are robust, easy to open and close, and produced in good quality.

Because you do not know at what moment of your life you will need them. So, I decided to buy a tool for myself to suppress the fear I had while watching the news recently. The various studies I have done have shown me that I may need more than one material to protect myself. In this context, I decided to buy a multi-purpose pen. I met Strike Pen exactly in this process. Launched by Ape Survival, Strike Pen contains basic equipment that will help you defend yourself if you encounter any danger.

Today I will share my Strike Pen experience with you. If you are wondering whether this product offered for sale by Ape Survival will really protect you, if you are wondering why I preferred Strike Pen among dozens of options, I believe that this review content will be satisfying for you.


What is Strike Pen?

Strike Pen is a tool that you can easily carry in your bag or pocket, which is produced within the legal limits and can protect you against any dangers that may occur in the environment. Strike Pen contains useful materials that you can use in the dangers that may occur due to other people or different creatures in the modern world. This extremely small material has a discreet design. Moreover, just like a professional FBI agent, even a special chip that will allow you to take DNA samples is included in this material. Extremely lightweight and pen-sized, this material is strong enough to allow you to break a lock or even an extremely thick glass.


Strike Pen

What Does Strike Pen Include?


  1. Strike Pen has, above all, a real pen feature. You can use this material, which has a strong ink, as a pen. Moreover, no one can understand that this tool has different features while looking from the outside. Replacement Ink allows you to take notes or mark marks professionally.
  2. Strike Pen has Bright LED Emitter. In this way, you have an advanced technology that you can operate when you have problems seeing your surroundings.
  3. Strike Pen works with battery logic. In this way, you can use it with additional batteries for a very long time. When your battery runs out, you can continue your operations after placing the new battery in the relevant section. In addition, 2 batteries will come to you free of charge with the package you purchased. This situation made me very happy.
  4. Strike Pen has an extremely sharp blade. With this knife, you can catch extra comfort in your camping activities or you can make the legitimate defense. The presence of a blade, as well as a knife, is an extremely advantageous situation.
  5. With the Street-Smart Defense method, you will feel much safer now.
  6. Thanks to the steel clip, you can put your pen anywhere you want or you can store it anywhere. Thanks to this feature of the pen, your pen does not fall from where you put it and is easily fixed.



Main Pros of Strike Pen

  1. Thanks to the Strike Pen, malicious people you come across on the street cannot influence you. Because these people cannot understand that you have such a defense mechanism product. Available as stainless and rustproof, this product is extremely useful and can be used practically. You can carry this product anywhere you want. As you know, products containing tear gas are marked illegal, and therefore women can no longer carry them with them. However, you do not have any laws that prohibit you to carry this product with you. In this context, you can carry this product wherever you want. In this way, you will feel safe without any problems.
  2. Are you a frequent traveler? As you know, you have to pass a certain XRAY device, especially in regions such as airports. If a knife or any defensive tool is detected while you are on this device, airport officers will ask you to give it to them. In order not to encounter this situation, this product produced within the framework of Survive TSA cannot be detected at the airport. Therefore, you do not need to deliver this product to the staff while traveling. The main reason for this is that Strike Pen is produced with special material.
  3. When you have to use this product, you will use a self-defense tool. So this is not considered a weapon. Therefore, you will not get into trouble in the context of legal situations. This is extremely important. Moreover, the most important feature of this product is that it can be activated extremely quickly. Thanks to the fast knockout feature, you will be able to activate the product immediately in the first second you need this product.


How Much Should I Have To Buy Strike Pen?

If you are considering buying Strike Pen, I recommend you to follow the promotional dates. By doing so, I reduced the cost considerably. I bought the Strike Pen online for only 54.95 dollars. It was really important for me to enter my payment information and complete the purchase within a completely reliable system. In this context, I was pleased to purchase the product with double-stage verification