GALAX introduces the first single-slot GeForce RTX 40 GPU –

The first single slot RTX 40 GPU now released. 

Gamers now have a multitude of choices within NVIDIA’s mid-range category, based on GeForce RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 SKUs. Board partners have already launched tripe and dual-fan designs, and there are many Mini-ITX designs and even a low-profile version. Meanwhile, GALAX introduced a unique single-slot design, which we previously found on the GALAX China website about a month ago. Although initial images and basic specifications were shared at that time for the RTX 4060 Ti Max 16GB Unparalleled Max, the formal announcement took place today.

RTX 4060 Ti MAX Single-Slot Features, Source: GALAX

The card features a blower-style design housing a single fan, GALAX claims that this card delivers “an unparalleled experience” despite its remarkably slim profile and outstanding performance. While performance claims are made, it remains to be seen how well these words align with real-world performance. The actual experience may be heavily depend on how well the cooler performs.

RTX 4060 Ti MAX Single-Slot Features, Source: GALAX

The RTX 4060 Ti MAX marks the debut of the first single-slot RTX 40 GPU. Not only is it the first single-slot design, but it also offers the slimmest profile to date, measuring only 20 mm in thickness. According to the company, the cooler adopts a vapor chamber design paired with an all-copper heatsink. Unfortunately, no photos or renders of this cooler design have been shared. However, details reveal that the PCB utilizes a 6+2 VRM and a 6-layer design, nothing extraordinary in this aspect. Interestingly, Galax confirms that this model will support overclocking, yet it comes out of the box running at a standard 2535 MHz clock.

RTX 4060 Ti MAX Single-Slot Specs, Source: GALAX

For this launch, Galax has opted for the RTX 4060 Ti with 16GB of memory. There is no mention of an 8GB model or even the RTX 4060 non-Ti being considered for use with this cooler. Technically, it should support both, as the 4060 Ti 16GB variant is a 165W TGP design, while the 4060 Ti 8GB is 160W, and the 4060 8GB is 115W.
Source: GALAX China
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