GALAX launches dual-slot GeForce RTX 4070 20th Anniversary Edition with hidden power connector –

GALAX China celebrating 20th anniversary.

GALAX China is making new graphics cards for their 20th anniversary. The company is introducing new models in celebration of 20 years of operating on the Chinese market. Therefore, the card mentioned today is not expected to be released on the global market.
The company recently introduced its RTX 4090 series featuring two color options, either black or white. Despite a formal launch, both models are no longer available, as NVIDIA is unable to deliver AD102-350 GPUs to China due to U.S. export restrictions. However, it is expected that GALAX will reintroduce this card as RTX 4090D model, which is expected to replace the original at some point next year.
Meanwhile, GALAX has introduced a brand new RTX 4070 GPU with half the memory capacity (12GB GDDR6X), less than half of the GPU cores compared to the RTX 4090 model (5888 vs. 16384). However, this card features a similar unique cooler design, with one of the fans located on the backside.

RTX 4070 20th Anniversary Edition, Source: GALAX

The thickness of just 45 mm is something gamers will notice immediately. This means that the card is almost exactly 2-slot, which is much thinner than the RTX 4090 model. The same approach to cable management is used with the hidden 8-pin power connector under a small magnetic cover.  This is why you can’t see the connector in any of the pictures.

GALAX has confirmed that the card will have a 2610 MHz clock speed with Performance BIOS mode and require 215W. That’s an extra 5.5% frequency and 15W more power. Thus far there are no details about RTX 4070 Ti or RTX 4080 models planned, however the former is almost a given considering that the cooler will be fully physically and thermally compatible.
Source: GALAX China
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