FGCC: Man arrested for slot machine possession after car breaks down hauling them from Havana – WCTV

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – A Havana man was arrested for possessing slot machines authorities say he was transporting from the Big Bend to Central Florida.
Mayankkumar Patel, 32, was arrested Monday and faces six misdemeanor counts of possessing slot machines, according to the Florida Gaming Control Commission (FGCC).
He was reportedly hauling the machines on November 8 from an unnamed location in Havana to Bushnell when his truck broke down on Interstate 10 near North Monroe Street, catching the eye of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and ultimately leading to authorities taking him in.
The arrest comes just 10 days after law enforcement seized 70 suspected illegal gambling devices from a facility in Havana.
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