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You’ll find hundreds of classic slots, pop-culture-themed slots, progressive jackpot slots, and slots with bonus games and free spin features at every online casino.
They’re mostly the same slots you play at live casinos, but there’s tons more to explore online. Here’s where you can learn how to play real money online slots more effectively.
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Paylines are the different paths across the reels on which you hope similar symbols align. That’s how you win when playing slots.
You win more or less depending on the value of the symbols and how many you can line up across the slot’s paylines. You can book multiple wins on the same spin, lining up the correct symbols across more than one payline.
Some slots have more paylines than others. Plus, you can often choose the number of paylines in play with each spin when you set your bet. Playing the maximum number of paylines makes sense because it increases your chances of winning.
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You can play online slots for pennies or hundreds of dollars per spin. Some of the classics feature set bet amounts and fixed paylines. You play for that set amount per spin, win if you get lucky, and line up the correct symbols across any of the specified numbers of paylines.
However, most modern online slots will allow you to choose how much you want to bet on each spin. In setting your bet, you can often pick the number of paylines in play. Typically, you’ll select a coin value and a play level or a number of paylines. Multiply these values, and that’s your total bet per spin.
Play the maximum coin level or number of paylines, and you’re guaranteed access to every available payline and the possibility of entry into bonus games, free spin features, and a shot at the progressive jackpot (if there is one).
Meanwhile, with the minimum coin level comes a sense of safety. You’ll lose the minimum, but you won’t be giving yourself the best chance to win. Plus, more often than not, you must bet more than the minimum to have any shot at any bonus games, free spins features, jackpots, and progressive jackpots.
Return to player (RTP) rates partially indicate your chances of winning on a slot. Generally, the higher a slot’s RTP, the better your chances. However, RTP is no guarantee. Instead, RTP gives you an idea of how much of the money put into a game that players can expect to win back over the long haul.
Let’s take NetEnt’s Mega Fortune as an example. It’s a popular progressive jackpot slot with a bonus wheel game and a 96.6% RTP. Betting the maximum amount gives you a better shot at one of the three progressive jackpots in the bonus wheel game. However, you can still win a progressive jackpot by betting the game’s $0.25 minimum.
Mega Fortune’s 96.6% RTP tells you it will pay back 96.6 cents of every dollar put into it over time. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to get back 96.6 cents of every dollar during your time spinning. This is a long-term calculation. It applies to the life of the slot and all players who use it.
Let’s say you and 999 other players all put $100 into the game. That’s $100,000, and the group as a whole can expect to win $96,600 back. But let’s also say one of the players wins a $90,000 jackpot. That leaves just $6,600 the rest of the group can expect to win back.
A few players might book small wins, but on the whole, the RTP will be eaten up by that one big jackpot win, leaving most of the group as net losers in the game.
Still, you want to play slots with the bigger RTPs because they give you and the group of players that play them a better chance to win.
Check out our Highest RTP slots page for examples of these games.
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When you play slots, you must first accept that no proven strategy will help you win. The outcome of every spin is random, making slots all luck and no skill. No skill means no strategy.
However, by choosing higher RTP slots, learning how they operate, and betting the right amounts, you can be better positioned to get lucky. In fact, you can quickly improve your slot play by following these simple tips.
Every slot publishes a complete set of rules with pay tables. These tell you how the game works, what symbols you’re looking to land, where the paylines are, how the bonus games work, and how much you might win. Hence, understanding the rules and pay tables is the first step toward winning.
The second step is adjusting your bet accordingly. Quite often, you can toggle the paylines and coin value. More paylines and bigger bets often mean more ways to win. You can set your bet smaller if the rules say you’re still eligible for all paylines, prizes, and bonus features. Just remember, smaller bets mean smaller losses but also smaller wins. Of course, you should always gamble within your personal and financial comfort zone.
More often than not, you must bet the maximum amount allowed for access to every available payline and a shot at bonus games, free spin features, and a chance to win the progressive jackpot (if applicable). Some slots even tell you the more you bet, the better your chances of winning. Add that to the fact that bigger bets equal bigger wins, and betting the max improves your odds of winning and winning big.
Here’s a guide on how to sign up for an account and play your favorite online slots.
Check out our Slots page for an example of the slots you might want to play.
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Slots are easy to play, but luck and losing are huge parts of these games. You put real money at risk when you play slots, so you must gamble responsibly. Responsible gambling means betting only what you can afford to lose, setting limits, and sticking to them. Your slot play can quickly become a problem if you don’t. Should you suffer financial, employment, relationship, or health issues as a result of playing slots, help and resources are available through these organizations:
If you or a loved one has questions or needs to talk to a professional about gambling, call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit for more information.
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