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You can already buy parts for the RTX 4090 Ti.

The RTX 4090 Ti, a product that never officially hit the market, has recently surfaced for sale, albeit in a partial form. In China’s black market, the card has made an appearance as well, but it’s only available as a prototype cooler. So far, the complete prototype board that was supposed to house the AD102 GPU for the alleged RTX 4090 Ti graphics card remains unseen. However, there’s little doubt that NVIDIA had plans for an even more powerful version.
A quad-slot I/O bracket with support for three DisplayPort and one HDMI connector is currently available for purchase on eBay. It appears that the supplier of these brackets grew impatient waiting for NVIDIA’s order, leading them to offer these unique brackets for just $24.8 with free shipping. The price is a reasonable for a truly distinctive collector item.

NVIDIA RTX 40 quad-slot I/O bracket on sale

The inclusion of stacked display connectors on the card is a result of the unconventional orientation of the PCB. The purported RTX 4090 Ti was intended to employ a distinctive board design turned at a 90-degree angle. This configuration would have positioned the board parallel to the motherboard, ensuring unobstructed airflow for efficient cooling, supposedly going up to 600 to 800W as some leakers have claimed.
However, this unique design never made it to the market, whether under the names RTX 4090, RTX 4090 Ti, or RTX TITAN ADA, all of which were previously considered as potential candidates for this innovative design.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 quad-slot prototype cooler

Up to this point, none of the leakers have mentioned any potential updates to the AD102 GPU for gamers. The RTX 4090 currently holds the top position in gaming benchmarks, leaving no room for competition with this SKU. Therefore, NVIDIA doesn’t think it’s necessary to introduce a faster GPU because there are a lot of higher spec’ed AD102 chips already going to workstation systems. Moreover, even though the RTX 4090 has been around for a year, it still holds its price very well.
Here are some pictures of prototypes that used this bracket. Sadly, you can only buy the bracket and there are no other prototypes to be found.
Source: eBay via ISLEOFSTAR
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