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The most current Joint National Listenership Research results show that since Ryan Tubridy’s departure, the 9am hour on RTÉ Radio 1 has witnessed a gain of 13,000 listeners.
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As more and more people tune in to RTÉ Radio 1, 2fm, and RTÉ lyric fm, RTÉ Director General Kevin Bakhurst has commended listeners for “sticking with RTÉ” amid a “extraordinarily challenging period.”
Since RTÉ Radio 1 is still the only station with a weekly viewership of more than a million, statistics from the most recent round of the JNLR findings indicate that more people are choosing to tune in to it than any other station.
“This has undoubtedly been an extraordinarily challenging period for RTÉ,” Bakhurst said in a statement. I would like to express my appreciation to the RTÉ listeners who have continued to tune in to their radio services. I am also happy to welcome the 16,000 new listeners who have joined Radio 1, the 49,000 new listeners who have joined 2fm, and the 7,000 new listeners who have joined RTÉ Lyric FM since last year.”
Even with Ryan Tubridy’s summertime leave, RTÉ Radio 1’s 9am hour has seen an increase in listeners, with an additional 13,000 turning in to hear from presenters Oliver Callan, Brendan Courtney, and Maura Derrane.
This raises the program’s overall audience to 347,000 listeners.
With 463,000 listeners (+23,000), Morning Ireland is still Ireland’s most listened-to radio show; Today with Claire Byrne has 331,000 listeners (+8,000). There are 187,000 listeners to the Ray D’Arcy Show (+4,000). With Miriam, Sunday’s numbers have decreased from 287,000 to 272,000.
According to Peter Woods, Head of RTÉ Radio 1, the production teams’ “their commitment to public service broadcasting” and the on-air presenters are equally responsible for the station’s success.
“Our production teams, and especially our presenters, are the driving forces behind all of this,” he stated. All of this is a result of their production teams’ dedication to public service broadcasting. We appreciate our listeners’ faith in us.”
Since the last batch of data in August, 2FM has witnessed growth in a number of shows, such as Tracy Clifford (+6,000), Drive It with The 2 Johnnies (+11,000), and Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha, and Carl (+11,000).
The weekend schedule has also gained popularity. Specifically, Laura Fox at Weekends has 118,000 listeners (+7,000) on Saturday and 114,000 on Sunday (+12,000), while Roz & Emma on 2FM have 123,000 listeners on Saturday (+20,000) and 101,000 listeners on Sunday (+12,000).
“In every radio market, morning radio is the crucial battleground for radio stations, and I am thrilled for the entire Breakfast team for their continuous success with the show, which is up 11,000 listeners from the last survey,” stated Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ Radio Strategy and RTÉ 2FM. In addition, The 2 Johnnies have gained 11,000 listeners and established themselves as a reliable source of late-day music for 2FM.
“This has been a challenging number of months for RTÉ, but as ever the team at 2FM have been focused solely on serving younger audiences in Ireland.”

Marty in the Morning on RTÉ Lyric FM continues to maintain a stable listenership of 58,000 (+1,000). Daybreak has reached 33,000 (+7,000) while Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive has increased from 8,000 to 63,000.
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