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This guide contains full details on how to get all four of Saga’s inventory upgrades, as well as Alan’s inventory upgrade, in Alan Wake 2.
While it is not mandatory that players expand Saga and Alan’s inventories in Alan Wake 2, doing so has some significant benefits. Indeed, having the ability to carry more weapons, ammunition, and consumable items makes overcoming the game’s challenges much easier, and fans are advised to put some effort toward finding all the inventory upgrades in the game. This guide is here to assist with that endeavor, and the locations of every inventory upgrade in Alan Wake 2 are detailed in what follows.
To note, some players are reportedly encountering a bug that prevents two of the game’s inventory upgrades from appearing. Those are the upgrades found in the Cauldron Lake Shore Cult Stash and the Watery Lighthouse, and the reason that this bug occurs is currently unknown. That said, players that are encountering this issue are advised to confirm that their game is fully updated, as it will almost certainly be addressed with a patch.
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Players can find Saga's first inventory upgrade in the Cauldron Lake General Store, which they will visit during Alan Wake 2's Return 2: The Heart chapter. More specifically, the upgrade is sitting on a filing cabinet underneath the Sawed-Off Shotgun in the room with the freezer.
Saga's second inventory upgrade is in a Cult Stash at the south end of the Cauldron Lake Shore. This container becomes accessible after visiting the Overlap in Cauldron Lake, as part of the main story, and players must simply repeat the pattern that is presented by the lock to open it.
The third inventory upgrade for Saga can be obtained after she procures the Bolt Cutters, an event that occurs during Alan Wake 2’s Return 5: Old Gods chapter. With the Bolt Cutters in hand, players should make their way to Harbor Street, on the south side of the town of Bright Falls, and use the tool to cut the lock on the gate at the dock.
Players should now enter the small structure that is on their right just beyond the gate and locate a Cult Stash. This container can be opened by inputting 697 into its lock, and the third inventory upgrade is inside it.
Saga’s fourth and final inventory upgrade is sitting on a small round table inside the Watery Lighthouse. To enter that structure, players must open every Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2, and there are 22 of those containers in total. Indeed, fans will find the Watery Lighthouse Key in the 22nd Cult Stash that they open, regardless of the specific container that happens to be, and they can use it to bypass the structure’s locked door.
Players that want to increase Alan’s inventory will need to spend a Words of Stuff on the Magic Pocket skill. Here are details on where to find those Words of Power in Alan Wake 2, and fans should feel free to pursue both of them:
Alan Wake 2 is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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