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Recent social media posts suggest that Percy Abeysekara, a well-known well-wisher and volunteer cheerleader for the Sri Lanka cricket team, has passed away at 87. Our fact-checking investigation reveals that whilr Percy was taking medical treatment, the death claims were unsubstantiated.
Social Media Posts 
Claims are being spread virally on social media stating that Percy Abeysekara passed away.

Facebook | Archived Link
Users commented on it also.

Sinhala language posts were viral, like the ones below.

We decided to do a fact-check on this.
Fact Check 
1. Family Unavailability: Despite attempting to contact Percy Abeysekara’s family members for confirmation, we could not reach them for a comment. Their lack of response does not necessarily confirm or deny the rumor.
2. Statement from Sri Lanka Cricket Media Manager: Prasanna Rodrigo, the Media Manager of Sri Lanka Cricket, has categorically denied the rumors surrounding Percy Abeysekara’s alleged passing. His denial lends weight to the skepticism regarding these claims.
3. Confirmation from Sports Journalists: Several sports journalists, who likely have connections and access to credible sources within the cricket community, have also dismissed the rumors as false. Their insight further casts doubt on the authenticity of the claims.
And a recently released video, Percy himself said he was in good health.

Born on the 30th of July, 1936, Percy Abeysekara recently marked his 87th birthday with a celebration. The ACL Cables Company Welfare Society orchestrated a birthday party in his honor. The centerpiece of the festivities was a beautifully designed cake that featured intricate details such as a cricket ball, bat, and wickets. These elements were a thoughtful nod to Percy’s prominent role as a cherished supporter of the Sri Lanka national cricket team.
Given Percy’s current state of health, which has seen him facing some challenges, a dual-purpose event unfolded during the festivities. Alongside the birthday celebrations, parallel arrangements were made for a pirith chanting, a significant Buddhist spiritual practice. Other religious events like Bodhi Puja complemented this. These additional components of the celebration were aimed at sending heartfelt wishes for Percy’s improved health and an extended, prosperous life ahead. News reports about this can be read here
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In light of these pieces of information, it is evident that while there are health concerns, the death claims of Percy Abeysekara are false. As such, it is advisable to exercise caution and refrain from spreading unverified information on social media platforms.
It is always crucial to rely on credible sources and official statements to ascertain the veracity of such news, especially in sensitive matters like the passing of an individual.
Title:Rumours About the Death of Percy Abeysekara Are False
Result: False
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