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The coronation ceremony of King Charles III is a significant event in British history, signifying the transition of power to a new monarch. The coronation is one of the symbols of the British monarchy, consisting of various customs and parades that both royalists and the general public anticipate. Therefore, this event is considered an indication of a new era in British history. Furthermore, the ceremony is meaningful because it marks the end of King Charles III’s lifetime preparation and training after holding the position of heir apparent to the throne for many years.
Amidst the news of the grand royal ceremony, where many famous guests were present, we discovered another incident that caught the public’s attention: the mysterious figure that appeared during the live broadcast of the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Social media users have speculated that the shadowy figure in a black cloak resembles the “Grim Reaper.”
Social Media Claim
As we have received the claim through our Factline Channel, we have found that the claim mentioned above has been widely spread on social media.
A Twitter user posted a video clip from the live broadcast of the royal coronation ceremony of King Charles III. In the clip, mysterious figures can be seen walking through the hall. The tweet went viral, garnering over 3.9 million views. The attached clip alone has over 1.9 million views so far.

Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey? 👀#Coronation

Furthermore, several news sources such as Daily Mail, New York Post, and Independent have also reported on this incident, as shown in the following links:
We conducted a fact-check by searching for various keywords related to the incident. We found a debunking article from Newsweek, which contacted Westminster Abbey for further clarification. The church confirmed that the person mentioned is a verger who works for the Abbey but is not a clergy member. (Read more about the vergers at Westminster Abby here.)
The Royal Coronation Ceremony of King Charles III was held at Westminster Abbey, one of England’s most historic and prominent buildings. The ceremony was attended by influential figures, politicians, and members of the royal family, as well as thousands of people who gathered outside the Abbey to witness the coronation of the new king.

(Source: BBC Thai)
The Coronation Ceremony of King Charles III is a complex and highly detailed ceremony, with many traditional rituals and customs passed down through many generations of the English monarchy. These include the anointing of the king with sacred oil, the presentation of the regalia and crown of the dynasty, and the recitation of the oath of allegiance by the new king and his subjects. 
Despite the grand coronation ceremony, there were reports of opposition from certain groups of people. According to BBC Thai, “The United Kingdom police have arrested the leaders of a group called ‘Republic’ who were preparing to protest against the procession of His Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty Queen from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

(Source: BBC Thai)
The Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom stated that almost 4,000 soldiers from all military branches, as well as an additional 11,500 London police officers, were deployed to participate in the largest ceremonial operation ever witnessed in a generation.”
Title:King Charles III’s Coronation: The Viral Grim Reaper Explained
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