Sycom launches quad-slot GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Silent Master with … –

Japanese company Sycom is introducing a new card as part of their Silent Master series. 

This company has already announced two new graphics cards, the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti, from the same series. Each card has a special cooling design. All of these cards have in common the use of Noctua fans.
This isn’t your average graphics card with a neat aesthetic, there’s no dazzling RGB lighting or even a unified palette of colors. On a contrary, instead of using’s Noctua’s black chromax fans, the company opted for the iconic brown/beige fans which sit right on top of the massive heatsink.

Sycom RTX 4070Ti/4070/4060Ti Silent Master Series, Source: Sycom

Sycom has a long tradition of customizing GeForce GPUs for their prebuilt systems. These cards are not sold separately, and they are part of the full gaming rig setup. We have seen a plethora of liquid-cooled custom designs, which were not used by any other company. The Silent Master design is only available from Sycom.
This Japanese company is not the only one offering GPUs with Noctua fans. As we know, ASUS is also offering its Noctua series, which is a fruit of collaboration of both companies. Here, Sycom is simply using NF-A12x25 PWM Noctua fans and a custom metal frame developed by Nagao Industry. These frames are handmade, as per the company official description.

Sycom RTX 4070Ti Silent Master, Source: Sycom

Interestingly, Sycom is offering a sample of noise testing powered by this unique cooler design. As far as we know, this is the only company selling custom GPUs offering such audio samples for customers. Officially, this model should generate less than 31.4 dB of noise and 43.6 dB during load. In terms of temperatures, it is said that this design will offer at least 5°C lower temperatures (74.5°C max) compared to the same card using a standard cooler.

Sycom RTX 4070Ti Silent Master, Source: Sycom

The card is now offered with Sycom’s prebuilt systems, similarly to RTX 4070/4060Ti Silent Master series, these cards will not be sold separately.
Source: Sycom via GDM
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